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project-image-thumbOur US service provides real-time and forward-looking news on corporate events (M&A, debt instruments, IPOs and LBOs), cross-border trade, legislative and regulatory coverage and commodity-specific intelligence. BBN will focus on the United States’ 200 most dynamic African American companies and help promote both inbound and outbound cross-border investment and M&A by Black Businesses.

Global HQ – Washington DC Anacostia
Bureaus-  Atlanta, Georgia; Birmingham, Alabama; Detroit, Michigan; Compton, CA; Chicago, Illinois; New Orleans, LA; Dallas, TX; New York City, NY; and Memphis, TN, Chartotte, North Carolina; San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Port au Prince, Haiti.

Capitol Intelligence Africa
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We supply in depth and actionable intelligence and forward looking news for the entire African continent.

CI Africa’s regional headquarters will be Johannesburg and Tunis with a bureau network in Abuja, Nigeria; Algiers, Algeria;  Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire; and Addis Ababa for full coverage of North, East, West, and Southern Africa.

Pan-African service will provide real-time and forward-looking news on corporate events (M&A, debt instruments, IPOs and LBOs), cross-border M&A, legislative and regulatory coverage and commodity-specific intelligence.


Capitol Intelligence MENA
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project-image-thumb4Supplying in-depth and actionable intelligence and forward looking news on financial, regulatory, commodity and political risk for Middle East and North Africa with special attention to gateway markets such as Tunisia and Jordan for the growth markets of Libya, Algeria, Iraq and Oman.

Financial industry research teams based in Amman and Tunis compile, in cooperation with staff based in MENA, a full database of critical financial information (M&A, debt, P&L, company info and top officers) and relevant regulatory/legislative documents.

HQ – Tunis, Tunisia and Amman, Jordan
Regional HQ – Baghdad, Iraq; Tripoli, Libya; and Muscat, Oman.
Bureaus – Basra, Iraq; Erbil, Iraq; Alexandria, Egypt; Benghazi, Libya; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Teheran; Muscat Oman; Manama, Bahrain; and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Capitol Intelligence Greater Central Asia
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project-image-thumb3We supply in depth and actionable intelligence and forward looking news on financial, regulatory, commodity and political risk for Greater Central Asia comprising of Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikstan, Tatarstan (Russian Federation), and Kyrgyzstan. The entity will maintain main editorial operations in Almaty and Islamabad, with commercial operations to based in Karachi or Lahore and Kazan.

Greater Central Asia editorial service will be based in with regional offices to be determined. The focus of coverage will be both listed and privately held companies and the development of an interface for the emerging natural resource sector.


Regional HQ: Almaty


Regional HQ- Islamabad
Bureau – Karachi and Lahore


Regional HQ- Kabul
Bureau – Herat and Kandahar

Russian Federation

Regional HQ- Kazan, Russia

CI View: Al-Naseem IPO plans could be key to Libya crisis, chairman says

TRIPOLI/WASHINGTON (CI MENA) — Al-Naseem for Food Industries, the Misurata, Libya-based privately held dairy group, is open to listing a minority stake on the Bourse de Tunis (Tunis Stock Exchange) to fund growth, company chairman Mohamed Raied said.

[Al-Naseem for Food Industries Chairman Mohamed Raied speaks with Capitol Intelligence/MENA using CI Glass at Al Waddan Hotel in Tripoli, Libya on March 3, 2015]

In an interview at the Al Waddan hotel Tripoli on March 3 2015, Raied said that he can consider floating a minority stake in the company to allow the group to expand its current operations and enter into new business segments such as fresh milk production and animal feed.

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CI VIEW: Nigeria’s Diezani Alison-Madueke says oil companies need to invest in non-natural resource private sector activities


HOUSTON/WASHINGTON (CI Africa) — Nigerian Minister of Petroleum Resources Diezani Alison-Madueke said oil companies should be required invest in non-natural resources private sector activities such as telecommunications (ICT), hospitals and manufacturing on a return on investment basis. [ Nigerian Minister of Petroleum Resources Diezani Alison-Madueke speaks to Capitol Intelligence using CI Glass at IHS CERAWEEK in Houston]

In an interview with Capitol Intelligence during the IHS CERAWEEK, Minister Alison-Madueke said that Nigeria had already set up a “template” with the Chinese for tying investment in non-oil activities with oil and gas exploration licenses and concession. Continue reading

CI VIEW: Uganda Oil Minister Irene Muloni says country seeks to turn “black gold” into “green gold” Update:

HOUSTON/WASHINGTON (CI Africa) – (Update on Feb. 2, 2015 to add interview with Uganda Finance Minister Ugandan Minister Hon. Maria Kiwanuka) Uganda Minister of Energy and Mineral Development Hon Eng Irene Muloni said the African nation is planning to re-invest much of its oil revenue windfall into the country’s agriculture sector as way to provide sustainable growth to the country.

[Uganda Minister of Energy and Mineral Development Hon. Eng Irene Muloni speaks to Capitol Intelligence using CI Glass at  IHS CERAWEEK in Houston]

Muloni told Capitol Intelligence that Uganda is seeking to transform “black gold” from oil revenues to “green gold” of a flourishing agriculture industry. Continue reading

CI VIEW: Veyseloglu open to PE approaches for Ulduz confectionery unit, CFO

WARSAW/CERNOBBIO (CI Central Asia) —Veyseloglu Group, the privately-held Azerbaijan food and retail group, is open to approaches by private equity into its Ulduz Chocolate & Candy unit, Veyseloglu chief financial officer Ilgar Isayev said.

[Veyseloglu Group CFO Ilgas Isayev speaks to Capitol Intelligence using CI Glass at EBRD Annual meeting in Warsaw, Poland]

In an interview with Capitol Intelligence following the signing of a USD 9m loan from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Isayev said that the company would be willing to open the share capital of Ulduz to financial investors

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Washington Post Company attracts interest from GCC funds – sources

news2ABU DHABI/WASHINGTON  (CI MENA) UPDATE: Washington Post announced the sale of the Washington Post newspaper to Amazon owner Jeff Bezos for USD 250m August 5, 2013.  Sources in Abu Dhabi and Qatar said the sale of the Washington Post newspaper now makes Kaplan a more attractive investment target. Other potential bidders for Kaplan include Pearson PLC. The original story below was published on February 17, 2013.

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Ashok Leyland looking at truck and bus assembly in Tunisia, Chairman says

Prakash HindujaWASHINGTON/TUNIS (CI MENA) —  Ashok Leyland, the listed commercial vehicle manufacturer, is looking at assembling trucks and busses in Tunisia to supply the growth markets of Libya and Algeria, part-owner and Hinduja Group of Companies’ Eurpe Chairman Prakash P. Hinduja said.

Speaking with Capitol Intelligence in New York and Washington, DC, Hinduja said the Indian family conglomerate that owns Ashok Leyland is very interested in pursuing BRT (bus rapid rapid transit) opportunities in Libya, Algeria and possibly West Africa.

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Sage to relocate 500 workers to new mid-Atlantic regional HQ, NA CEO says

rushern-bakerFORT WASHINGTON, MD (BBN) – Sage (SGE: LN), the listed New Castle, UK accounting ad ERP software firm, is looking to relocate 500 workers based in McLean and Herndon, Virginia to a new centralized location, Sage North American President and CEO Pascal Houillon said.

In an interview with Black Business News  at the Sage City convention at National Harbor, Houillon said he would like to move the IT developers and staff based Mclean and Herndon to a single location in the next 18 months.

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CI VIEW: White List of best players begins to take form following World Bank/IMF meeting



 WASHINGTON (CI Africa) — The concept of a White List that Ministers, State-owned enterprises and private sector owners can access followed a discussion here about the possibility of sharing names of black listed individuals and companies between the World Bank and affiliated groups such as the International Finance Corporation and private sector companies.

[Nigerian Finance Minister HE Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala speaks to Capitol Intelligence using CI Glass  at GE hosted Africa Ascending Summit in Washington, DC on August 4, 2014]

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