CI VIEW: Kirkuk provides road map to post-ISIS Iraq and regional peace, Kirkuk Governor UPDATE

KIRKUK/WASHINGTON (CI MENA)  — (Update on October 10, 2017 to add interview with Hyatt Hotel Corporation (NYSE:H) Chairman Thomas Pritzker) — Kirkuk Governor Dr. Najmaldin O. Karim, MD is providing a road map for a stable and prosperous Iraq without the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) with his no-nonsense management of the liberated oil rich territory next to the autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) based in Erbil.

[US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross speaks to Capitol Intelligence/CI MENA using CI Glass at US Chamber of Commerce’s US-Iraq Business Initiative dinner for Iraqi Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi at US Chamber of Commerce, March 20, 2017]

President Donald Trump decision to bolster US military forces to free Iraq’s second city Mosul from ISIS control has now put creating a new road map for post-ISIS Iraq on the forefront of the administration’s agenda.

Kirkuk’s Dr. Karim can-do management style — combined with US private sector leadership corralled by US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross  — can transform Iraq from a geopolitical quagmire into a regional economic power.

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CI VIEW: NAWAH to increase investment in Basra container terminal to USD 25m, CEO says

WASHINGTON, DC (CI MENA) — North American Western Asian Holding (NAWAH), the US infrastructure and investment fund focused on Iraq, is planning to increase its investment to build a modern container terminal in the historic port of Al Maqal in Basra to USD 25m, NAWAH chief executive Paul A. Brinkley said.

[North American Western Asian Holding (NAWAH) Chief Executive Officer Paul Brinkley speaks to Capitol Intelligence/CI MENA regarding private sector investment in Basra with Hyatt CEO Thomas Pritzker at the Center for Strategic Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC. February 2, 2014]

In an interview with Capitol Intelligence at a book launch, Brinkley said that NAWAH through its NAWAH Port Management (NPM) unit is going ahead with work to rebuild the historic part that served as an important gateway for Indian and Chinese goods traveling through than Mesopotamia and Turkey to the markets of Europe.

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