Capitol Intelligence Greater Central Asia
Regional HQ, HQ & Bureau locations

project-image-thumb3We supply in depth and actionable intelligence and forward looking news on financial, regulatory, commodity and political risk for Greater Central Asia comprising of Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikstan, Tatarstan (Russian Federation), and Kyrgyzstan. The entity will maintain main editorial operations in Almaty and Islamabad, with commercial operations to based in Karachi or Lahore and Kazan.

Greater Central Asia editorial service will be based in with regional offices to be determined. The focus of coverage will be both listed and privately held companies and the development of an interface for the emerging natural resource sector.


Regional HQ: Almaty


Regional HQ- Islamabad
Bureau – Karachi and Lahore


Regional HQ- Kabul
Bureau – Herat and Kandahar

Russian Federation

Regional HQ- Kazan, Russia